Hospitality and Social Consumption



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Cannabis Hospitality & Social Consumption

Nowadays, licensed cannabis hospitality operations (ex. hotels, venues, etc.) and social consumption environments (ex. lounges, cafes, tasting rooms, etc.) require a diverse workforce, which includes a variety of positions that all required different educational components for their job roles (ex. restaurant chef, music venue DJ, hotel cleaning staff, etc.). Team members are a reflection of an organization’s own “hospitality culture”, which is why everyone needs to be trained from the top-to-bottom on specific “best practices” that will keep your team on the “same page”.

This compliance training is “agnostic” (which means that it’ll apply to every legal jurisdiction globally), but this is included in all of our state-specific certifications which are also accredited by both the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). Training for the hospitality industry is diverse, so there are basic skills such as communication and how to represent the brand, so this involves a variety of jobs and industry-specific training, since “experience consistency” should be the #1 priority for your guests.

Allowing hospitality and on-premise social consumption fixes a problem that out-of-state visitors and the “cannabis tourism” industries have had a difficult time being able to consume products since it’s been illegal to allow onsite consumption. Every hospitality organization has its own special way of doing things since other non-cannabis-centric facilities (ex. hotels, restaurants, music venues, etc.) may apply for a social consumption license (sometimes ones are available even for short-term events).

Our training helps to ensure that everybody will have a consistent experience while consuming cannabis and many times local municipalities may choose to ban social consumption lounges within their jurisdiction. Additionally, all of these cannabis hospitality locations must not hold any liquor license, which could reduce some incentives for businesses to apply for an onsite social consumption license type.


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