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Cannabis Lighting

You cannot be a top-quality grower without having a vast knowledge of lighting. Lighting is one of the single most important aspects of your indoor growth plan. Lighting is the key to success, but without the right knowledge, it can destroy your plans and create a safety hazard.

In this training, you will analyze lighting, photoperiods, and plant spacing techniques for even growth. With our Cannabis Lighting training, you will explore the critical facets of lighting for your cannabis plants. A deep understanding of light and how it can improve your plants is vital. You will learn about the light spectrum and how each band of light can potentially impact your cannabis.

You will become a cannabis lighting expert with this training. From delving into the right amount of light and darkness each day for inducing flowering with set dark periods, every aspect of cannabis lighting is covered. You will learn how to view and care for your plants during flowering without disrupting their growth cycle, and how to effectively utilize reflective hoods.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover light spectrums and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (or PAR)
  • You will explore the tools used for measuring light in your garden
  • You will learn how to measure light
  • You will master techniques for lighting your plants exactly how they need in each stage of growth
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Cannabis Lighting

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