Preventing and Detecting Diversion



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Cannabis Diversion Prevention

For a successful cannabis business, full legal compliance is vital. So, a plan for diversion and unlawful cannabis consumption prevention needs to be designed. This ensures cannabis grown is strictly used for designated purposes together with every detail of a single seed to its end product in compliance with regulations.

It is necessary to train all employees at the cannabis business facility and site in the detection and prevention of the unlawful use of cannabis products in each possible area of diversion. In this training, you will learn how to prevent unlawful consumption of cannabis by closely monitoring the business premises, the complete cannabis production process, and the workforce, delivering proper training, and performing regular audits.

With this, you will enable the entire staff to understand the regulations and their implications. Furthermore, in this training, you will explore diversion tactics employed by the employees that are designated as unlawful acts and criminal activity, and how to mitigate these. That being said, there are several security protocols that you as an employer must implement and educate staff through various diversion prevention programs and ensure a productive environment at the premises.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover several vulnerable phases in the cannabis business that are prone to diversion and how to report these diversion activities.
  • You will explore tactical strategies and practices to reduce unlawful use and diversion in addition to creating a healthy workplace.
  • You will learn the importance of training and educating staff on the legal dangers of misusing or abusing even a single gram of cannabis together with storage and security considerations.
  • You will master the control protocols that need to be implemented at each step of cannabis production and be able to conduct diversion prevention programs.
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Preventing and Detecting Diversion

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