Rhode Island Responsible Vendor Certification


Training Time: 8:39 Hours (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access
Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate
Standards: ISO, ANSI & RVT Program

Product Quantity Discount Price per Unit
5 - 24 20% $77.60
25 - 49 30% $67.90
50+ 40% $58.20


Responsible Cannabis Vendor Certification

Note: Need a government-mandated “Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)” or an equivalent? If so, (click here). Where you operate, the compliance requirements will be unique and we’re happy to create a custom RTV for your local jurisdiction. This “agnostic” Responsible Vendor Certification has the same accredited training used to compliantly industry workers to become competent that’ll make them all experts in handling cannabis and retail sales to provide an excellent experience.

Our Responsible Vendor Certification prepares you to effectively handle complex situations commonly found in the cannabis industry. Rules and regulations affect every part of the cannabis industry, from health and safety issues to data security, management responsibility, team member behavior, and everything in between. You’re on a great team that’s enthusiastic about working in the industry, but with pages with thousands of regulations to follow, this certification will make it easier.

Now, how does anyone in the cannabis industry know how to work compliantly? Especially as we face constantly shifting law changes, challenges to mitigate any compliance risks, helping to reduce fines, and avoiding criminal or civil charges have never been more important. This advanced Responsible Vendor Certification does not simply cover the “box-checking” exercise of compliance training since it ensures businesses are operating as required by the legal jurisdiction you’re in.

You will discover this Responsible Vendor Certification is designed to provide all practical applications and best practice procedures when working in any licensed cannabis operation. Industry workers not only learn the basic requirements but will be able to apply them in a manner that adds value to the business, provides a Return-on-Investment (ROI) on training, and will protect their entire operations.

This certification will ensure you meet the requirements of all of the government regulatory agencies such as “Enforcement Divisions”, “Health Departments”, etc. Selling and serving cannabis involves many risks – so any failure to act responsibly on your part and proactively – could result in fines, imprisonment, possible license suspension, increased insurance costs, or possibly losing your business operation.

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