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Term: Dagga

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Dagga (Wikipedia)

Dagga (Afrikaans pronunciation: [/ˈdaχa/]) is a word used in certain areas of Southern Africa to describe cannabis. The term, dating to the 1660s, derives from the word dacha in the Khoekhoe language used to describe the plant as well as various species of Leonotis. The leaves of specifically the Leonotis leonurus resemble the cannabis leaf and is known locally as wild dagga. The word has been spelled many different ways over time as various groups of people began using the term and some examples of these are: daggha, dacha, dacka, dagha, tagga, dachka, daga. According to the Oxford Dictionary,[clarification needed]dagga was also used by the Khoekhoe to describe the sensation of intoxication.

The word dagga on an anti-prohibition banner in 2018.
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