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Tessi Consulting is a boutique consultancy that specializes in aiding organizations in creating equitable and inclusive workplace cultures that are authentic, impactful, and sustainable. The firm is a Certified B corporation and is also WBENC, WOSB, and MBE certified, being a woman- and Black-owned business. Tessi Consulting provides a variety of services related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), such as DEI maturity-led methodology, which focuses on diagnosing both the cultural and structural practices, behaviors, and policies within organizations. Their offerings include assessments, equity assessments, DEI strategy/roadmaps, and ERG/DEI council governance.

Moreover, Tessi Consulting provides training and coaching through Tessi Learning Labs, covering an array of DEI topics such as diversity 101, biases & microaggressions, inclusive teaming, and cross-cultural competency. They also offer Judgment-Free Executive Coaching sessions designed to upskill senior executives and managers towards inclusive leadership practices and mindset shifts. The consultancy is not only focused on strategy but also on DEI transformation by providing project management, change management advisory, and other programmatic support as an outsourced DEI implementation provider.

Tessi Consulting partners with senior leaders to amplify a range of DEI priorities from antiracism and disability equity to LGBTQ cultural competency and businesses of belonging in the workplace. They offer virtual DEI consulting services from assessments, strategies, and DEI implementation support. Their DEI audits highlight strengths and areas of opportunities in your current policies and collect DEI data to create a fail-proof DEI strategy for your business. They also offer implicit bias training, help organizations create diverse businesses, and assist senior leaders in understanding the art of equity and how it impacts their programs, policies, and practices.

The firm is based in Boston but provides services for global DEI workplaces, helping organizations create a legally compliant workplace that is relevant, sustainable, and authentic to meet the growing DEI demand of the workforce. Tessi Consulting has worked with a variety of clients, helping them create inclusive workplaces and has been featured in various media for their work in the DEI space.

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