The Cannabis Coaching Institute

The Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI) offers a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to become Certified Cannabis Educators and Health Coaches. The institute provides a structured, 6-month program that combines cannabis education with health coaching techniques, enabling participants to effectively guide others in understanding and utilizing cannabis for health and wellness.

Here’s a breakdown of what the program entails:

  • Cannabis Educator Training: This module dives deep into the world of cannabis, exploring its anatomy, essential compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes, and its interaction with the human body, particularly the endocannabinoid system. It also provides guidelines for safely and ethically educating the public and clients about dosage, ingestion methods, timing, product selection, and tracking for efficacy.
  • Foundations of Coaching: This section prepares participants to start taking clients, providing tools to set up a practice, store client notes, and understand the fundamental principles of coaching and ethics. It also includes client contract templates and training on conducting discovery sessions to understand and enroll clients effectively.
  • Cannabis Coaching Practicum: This module provides a done-for-you 8-week Cannabis and Health Coaching Program, which combines health and wellness coaching protocols with cannabis education. Participants get hands-on experience by walking through the program, practicing coaching, and being coached using the provided scripts, cannabis guides, and client handouts.
  • Business Setup and Training: CCI also provides resources and training to help participants set up their cannabis education business. This includes a done-for-you website, workshops, retreats, promotional materials, and tutorials for creating a monetized blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.
  • Live Mentorship and Support: The program includes live mentorship calls, daily online support, and networking opportunities to ensure participants have a robust support system as they navigate through the program and launch their careers in the cannabis industry.

The CCI program is designed to be accessible and flexible, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and from any location. Graduates of the program leave as Certified Cannabis Educators (CCE), equipped with the knowledge and tools to educate the public about cannabis, host workshops and retreats, write articles and books, produce podcasts, and more.

The institute emphasizes a blend of scientific knowledge, communication skills, and business acumen, ensuring that graduates are well-rounded professionals capable of navigating the dynamic cannabis industry and effectively helping others understand and leverage the benefits of cannabis for their health and wellbeing.