Air and Plant Environment



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Air and Cannabis Environment

Not all air is created equal. Many factors in a growing space contribute to the overall environmental condition. Carbon dioxide (or CO2), temperature, and more all impact the growth of your plants. You already know that oxygen and carbon dioxide are the foundation of a healthy plant, but what’s the right balance?

In this training, you will analyze the composition of the garden’s air environment and identify cutting-edge best practices for airflow in the garden. To grow the best quality cannabis possible, you must understand how air quality impacts your plants. You will dig into air circulation and the right balance of CO2. You will uncover the secrets of ventilation, humidity, and temperature for optimal plant performance.

With our Cannabis Air and Environment training, you will become an expert on how to give your plants what they need. You will learn how to mimic the optimal air environment of nature indoors. Your cannabis plants need more than just great air quality, so in our training, we will also cover some basics around lighting, water, and soil quality to set you on a path to success.@12

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover how to mimic optimal outdoor air balance in your indoor garden
  • You will explore how to keep your plants thriving despite temperature shifts
  • You will learn the ideal temperature range and what tools are best
  • You will master ventilation techniques to maximize your plant’s quality
Stomata Allow Cannabis Plants to ‘Breathe’


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Air and Environment

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