Infused-Product Food Handler



Training Time: 1:47 Hours (Average) Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access Equivalency: ServSafe® Food Handler Credential Issued: Digital Certificate

Cannabis-Infused Food Product Handler

This program is perfect for all cannabis-infused product manufacturers of edibles, tinctures, topicals, and the like. This safety training is required for compliance with regulations, specifically mandated in Colorado, Nevada, California, and other jurisdictions (outside of the United States too). In these regulated jurisdictions, the law requires that if you’re in cannabis-infused product manufacturing, then you must take food health and safety education including cannabis-specific training that is comparable to the ServSafe® Food Handler Safety Program.

Food safety regulators love to see this training when they conduct inspections at licensed businesses that process regulated cannabis-infused products that must meet food safety requirements. This recognized food and health safety training delivers standards that are consistent with food safety education for processors of cannabis-infused products to certify workers on requirements. The program covers all the food-safety musts, and we’ve customized the training specifically for professionals who are manufacturing cannabis-infused products in the industry.

Our training is in full compliance with cannabis industry enforcement divisions and health and safety regulatory requirements. In many jurisdictions, owners, and employees are required to demonstrate an understanding of basic food handling safety practices and attend training prior to manufacturing any edible products. This will blend the latest food safety research and all your food sanitation training requirements that you’ll need to learn in order to implement into your essential food practices as a safety culture that’s required for all types of cannabis edibles.

Our training program is rooted in standards from the food service industry to help protect consumer and patient health, produce safe infused products, improve worker performance, and protect your operation by being 100% compliant with regulators. Millions of people get a foodborne illness every year, with statistics like that and the possibility that your customers or patients may have a compromised immune system, it’s imperative to ensure the products are created as safely as possible. That we know for 100% sure, you never want edibles to be associated with making people sick.


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