Delivery Driver and Vehicle Safety


Training Time: 1:03 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access

Delivery Format: On-Demand Video

Credential Issued: Digital Certificate


Cannabis Delivery Driver And Vehicle Safety

Accidents are a considerable concern because any accident involving a cannabis delivery driver or organization’s vehicle, even though minor, involves potential personal injury and affects the safety and well-being of team members, every customer, and other drivers on the road. Licensing delivery operations allow both patients and adult-use consumers to a safe, convenient, and reliable access to legal cannabis ranging from densely-populated cities to even rural areas of town.

This training focuses on driver and vehicle safety to provide relevant background on “defensive driving” and best practices that regulators incorporate into their broader compliance requirements. Learn how legal compliance frameworks for cannabis delivery drivers vary considerably by legal jurisdictions or each local government, but typically involve basic core components, the “rules of the road” that drivers must abide by, and the enforcement hours of delivery operations.

Safe delivery driver policies should be implemented when delivering consumers any online cannabis order to their place of residence. Over time, your insurance costs eventually reflect these losses so safety is one of the most important and critical elements of your success. Drivers are to take personal responsibility for the safe operation of delivery vehicles, they represent the cannabis brand on the road, and safety is a very critical element that must be considered professionally.

Like every organization in the cannabis industry, there should always be an investment in safety for the general public. The use of certain technologies can help make cannabis delivery drivers safer for drivers and more convenient for consumers. Global Positioning System (GPS) and inventory tracking promote transparency among both regulators and business owners to help ensure the safety of delivery drivers. This training is a comprehensive overview of driver and vehicle safety, this knowledge is critical to providing delivery for consumers.