Human Ergonomics




Training Time: 52 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
Delivery Format: On-Demand Video
Credential Issued: Digital Certificate

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Our ergonomics training is designed to help you identify work-related ergonomic problems as well as to learn to apply the principles of ergonomics to make your job less physically demanding. Improving ergonomics will improve your overall efficiency and help you reduce and prevent injuries.

Understanding the principles of ergonomics is a very simple way to improve your comfort and productivity at work and can help keep you safe from injuries. Ergonomics can be helpful in a multitude of work environments. Our ergonomics training will be useful for employees, employers, and facility managers. Ergonomics should be a particular focus of non-office environments.

This is because employees who work in non-office environments are routinely required to carry out tasks that involve movement and physical exertion with poor ergonomic factors. Fatigue, Musculoskeletal Disorders (or MSDs), and other serious injuries can be caused by these forceful exertions. You will be well-equipped to avoid this in your workplace with our ergonomics training.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the causes of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
  • You will explore the contributing factors to problems at work
  • You will learn about human ergonomic best practices
  • You will master ergonomic principles in the workplace
Ergonomics Training