Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP)



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Cannabis Agricultural & Collection Practices

Botanical cannabis agricultural, industry collection, and manufacturing practices have wide-ranging impacts on product quality, native and regional communities, and the environment. Our Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) training provides a template for cannabis growers, plant processors, and product manufacturers to implement best practices. It’s the World Health Organization (WHO) that provided all of the technical support for the GACP methods that were developed to 100% ensure medicinal cannabis plant safety, efficiency, and quality.

GACP consists of the practices used during agricultural production – starting with planting and harvesting until it’s packaged and then transported – that are always implemented to guarantee consumers’ well-being and workers’ safety to protect the environment. This complete GACP training is based on the WHO standards for medicinal plants and global standards for good agricultural practices. When cannabis is used as medicine then its cultivation must abide by both strict GACP quality standards along with different Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) too.

“GACP” and “GMP” are considered the two (2) “holy bibles” for good agricultural practices. You’ll learn it’s the WHO’s guidelines on GACP for medicinal plants and it’s the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme (PIC/S) that leads the international development, implementation, and maintenance of harmonized GMP standards for medicinal products. Learn what’s required for growers to cultivate high-quality, consistent products which will later pass authorization by agencies that are in charge of licensing the manufacture and sale of all products.

You’ll learn how GACP states that all the personnel should be adequately trained, that cultivated plants should be grown observing every local regulation, and that the whole process should be transparent and documented. The ultimate goal is to bring a product to the market that is consistent and safe for consumption. This training covers cultivation, collection, harvest, processing, packaging, personnel, equipment, documentation, and others to satisfy all the Quality Assurance (QA).


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Good Agricultural and Collection Practices

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