Hydroponic Nutrients, Reservoirs, and Irrigation



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Hydroponic Nutrients, Reservoirs, and Irrigation

Hydroponic gardening can grow you an excellent crop. Many gardeners see increased growth with a properly executed hydroponic garden. There are many factors to consider, and successfully growing with hydroponics requires specialized knowledge.

In this training, you will explore what you need to know to properly maintain your hydroponic cannabis garden. There are several options for growing mediums when you opt for a hydroponic garden. In our Hydroponic Mediums, pH, and Sterilization training, you will explore each of these so you can determine which is likely to work best for you.

Additionally, you will learn key tips for success and maximizing your yield with each method. For each potential growing medium, you will review step-by-step instructions for growing quality cannabis. So no matter what you choose, you will have the knowledge you need to set up your hydroponic garden and produce high-quality, thriving cannabis plants.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the optimal conditions for your hydroponic system
  • You will explore common nutrient disorders and solutions to nutrient challenges
  • You will learn when to change out your nutrient solutions in reservoirs
  • You will master irrigation techniques when growing with hydroponics
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Nutrients, Reservoirs, and Irrigation

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