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Cannabis-Infused Edible Products

The cannabis-infused edibles market is dominated by different products that are made from homogeneous batches, portion-evident, and shelf-stable. Any edible product lines include baked goods, confections, and beverages, so all recipes are created by professional chefs in cannabis-specific kitchens. Adding any cannabis concentrate when making edible products requires uniform mixing of the batch to achieve the proper Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) dosages.

Cannabis-infused edible is designed with safety from the very beginning, you will learn to build food safety into product development at the very start. Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will provide cannabis manufacturers with reference documentation for their operation to earn International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. Characteristics of infused edibles are an option for medical patients or recreational users who prefer not to smoke. Although edibles don’t generate the cannabis smell or odor that’s characteristic when smoked, it’s also a way to avoid others inhaling secondhand smoke too.

In this training, you’ll learn how the cannabis edibles sold around the world share the characteristics of being homogeneous for dosing and potency, conducive to the packaging of individual serving sizes, and being shelf-stable. You will find how the process of making infused edibles using cannabis concentrates (and its known CBD/THC potency) is added to the batch and then it’s stirred to smoothness or desired consistency. Discover how syrup for gummies or lollipops is uniformly mixed or how melted chocolate is mixed to blend the concentrate with flavorings.

Learn how beverage batches need to be blended before bottling and filling, or how even edibles may be coated with a concentrate that’s homogenized into its own coating. Most available edibles are created from a homogenized batch that will be portioned with measured dollops, filled into forms, or its packaging size. Discover how these portions are critical for achieving a uniform serving size for each edible.


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Cannabis-Infused Edible Products

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