Machine Guarding



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Machine Guarding

When working near machinery, it is vital to follow proper safety procedures. Moving machinery can create hazards for everyone working near them. Our Machine Guarding training will help you protect yourself from moving machinery in the workplace. Any part, function, or process of a machine that can cause injury must be safeguarded.

Machine Guarding will help you discover the essential safeguards to protect yourself, others, and your workplace from preventable injuries. If the operation of a machine can cause injury or accidental contact with the machine can cause injury to the operator or others nearby, the hazard has to be controlled or eliminated.

You will fully understand the concepts behind safety guards, how to use guards correctly, and the requirements for preventing machinery-related injuries after this training. Following our Machine Guarding training, you will be able to apply machine and machine guarding safety requirements in your day-to-day work activities. Our training will lead you through hand tools, electrical tools, and large machinery that has the potential for injury.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the types of machine injuries
  • You will explore machine safeguards
  • You will learn the safety standards
  • You will master information about safety devices
Cannabis Machine Guarding


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Machine Guarding

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