Plant Fertilizers and Additives



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Cannabis Fertilizers and Additives

The most sought-after cannabis is grown by masters of fertilization. Your goal when fertilizing cannabis plants is to give them the exact amounts of nutrients they require so they can grow vigorously. As with all things, there is a balance. You have to avoid over-fertilizing, or you can kill your precious plants.

As your plant grows, its nutrient demands may change. In this training, you will learn what you need to know about fertilizers and additives to grow amazing cannabis. In our Fertilizers and Additives training, you will explore chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, creating organic tea, and how to effectively mix and apply your fertilizer.

Some common pitfalls occur when growers misunderstand how to mix fertilizer or don’t apply it properly. You will be sure to avoid that with this training. You will also explore the makeup of commercial fertilizers, and learn how to interpret misleading package labels. Additionally, you will discover the details about fertilizing indoors versus fertilizing outdoors, and how to overcome common challenges in either environment.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the timing of adding different fertilizers to your cannabis plants
  • You will explore how much fertilizer your plants need at the different stages of growth
  • You will learn how to read fertilizer labels to ensure your plants get the highest quality possible
  • You will master using additives (and which ones) to create the perfect soil for your plants


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Fertilizers and Additives

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