Plant Pests and Predators



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Cannabis Pests and Predators

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, pests and predators can be a serious threat to your cannabis plants. Pests are every grower’s worst nightmare, they live everywhere. In this training, we will learn how a pest infestation can ruin an entire garden as well as best practices for dealing with pests.

Pests can live anywhere, and growers have to be prepared. In this training, you will learn what you need to do to protect your cannabis indoors or out. Prevention is the most important piece of the pest and predator puzzle. In our Pests and Predators training, you will explore the best ways to prevent unwanted infestations near or on your cannabis.

Sometimes, prevention only goes so far. If your cannabis plants experience pests or predators anyway, you will know what to do. In this training, you will learn the best practices for addressing a variety of potential problems. Learn exactly how to address the most common pests and predators in the event you experience them.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover prevention techniques for common indoor and outdoor pests and predators
  • You will explore how to use natural predators in your cannabis garden for pest management
  • You will learn about the identification, detection, treatment, and control of various types of pests
  • You will master safe eradication techniques so your cannabis remains healthy and high-quality
Pests Threaten Healthy & Profitable Gardens


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Pests and Predators

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