OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting



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OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting

Our Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training provides a detailed explanation of 29 CFR 1904 (Recordkeeping and Reporting Standard) compliance requirements by employers in the United States. Many employers with a certain number of employees are required to keep a record of any serious work-related injuries and illnesses and learn how other times low-risk industries are completely exempted. Effective recordkeeping is just as important as a safety training program and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to avoid any injuries.

Don’t repeat history, learn from it. When you properly maintain all of your record-keeping, it helps all employers, and workers, and OSHA evaluates the safety of a workplace, understands many hazards, and implements worker protections to reduce and help eliminate risks (preventing future workplace all injuries and illnesses). Learn how to give your business a solid foundation for a very successful, well-managed safety program that meets OSHA recordkeeping standards that’ll ensure you’re tracking and reporting incidents (so be less likely to repeat them).

This recordkeeping compliance training will show you all of those key laws that you’re required to follow of the standard and how to make recordkeeping a part of a very effective safety program for your operation. All compliant businesses in the cannabis industry are only as good as your records kept to maintain compliance with all team members’ health, safety, and environmental standards or practices.

As OSHA has been cracking down on recordkeeping violations, use this training to ensure you’re 100% compliant with everything that OSHA will require for many different types of employers to keep track of all illnesses and injuries. Not only will keeping good records prevent costly fines for noncompliance violations, but those records will get your attention in the future for preventable injuries and illnesses.


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Recordkeeping and Reporting (OSHA)

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