Robbery Awareness



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Cannabis Industry Robbery Awareness

The cannabis industry is being targeted by robbers or looters more than any other cash-intensive industry. Break-ins and thefts are common as cannabis products are stolen due to their higher value than any other commodity. That being said, it becomes imperative for the cannabis industry workers and owners to get acquainted with all facets of robberies. In this training, you will gain insights and learn about different categories of robberies and how to prevent them.

This training is also focused on business owners’ and workers’ readiness in the event of a robbery and how to mitigate such situations by staying calm and alert. Training will consist of situational awareness and how it relates to the cannabis industry. You will learn how awareness is a direct component of prevention, and how prevention can be increased through improved customer service techniques.

The training outlines and recommends safety practices and techniques that must be followed when being robbed in addition to following security practices in the daily routine to safeguard one’s life. Being prepared for a robbery is the best way to avoid any harm to everyone so knowing how to react during a robbery is the key to diffusing or safely avoiding a frightening and unpredictable situation.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover what separates burglary and robbery while learning the difference between violent and non-violent crimes and examples.
  • You will explore the safety practices that must be followed to ensure a safe workplace which includes a strict hiring process; monitoring cash influx and efflux; handling cannabis products during purchase and display.
  • You will learn about the specific time of the year when a robbery occurs. In addition to the installation of different security checks on the premises, you will also learn about the techniques to avoid robberies.
  • You will master the techniques to avoid robberies and various safety practice techniques to keep you safe.
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Robbery Awareness

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