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Cannabis Delivery Experience

Learn how cannabis delivery licenses, business models, and different customer experiences are often misunderstood with how licensed delivery operations work. A great customer experience can separate your delivery service from the rest and increase your yearly revenues, yet remember that a “less than ideal” consumer experience will run you dry and put money in your competitor’s pockets. So, what makes an exceptional customer experience for your cannabis delivery service?

Medical patients and adult-use consumers will be able to place their delivery orders through multiple methods – including by phone, SMS text updates, on licensed delivery services’ websites, and through different technology platforms that sell cannabis. Discover how these all are a part of the “delivery experience” and just to start, they should communicate, list, and advertise a full menu of products and prices, as well as current discounts, deals, and other promotions.

A functioning cannabis delivery typically includes storefront and independent or non-storefront delivery. Learn different types of licensed delivery services, and how storefront retailers also provide cannabis deliveries to consumers then there are independent or non-storefront delivery operations that maintain a depot-model headquarters out of which all inventory and vehicles move. Customer feedback can help you to identify any problems or bottlenecks in your delivery service.

Customers will tell you exactly what is working or not working when they receive delivery orders, allowing you to quickly react and make the required changes as soon as possible. If mistakes are happening, offering customers small discounts or promo items can be a great way to make up for them. To promote convenience and facilitate legal market purchasing, medical patients and adult-use consumers are allowed to order cannabis products online that will be delivered to a residence.


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Cannabis Delivery Experience

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