Supervisor Harassment Prevention



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Supervisor Harassment Prevention

ors have special responsibilities to foster and maintain a working environment free of any type of harassment. In this supervisor harassment prevention, you’ll learn different supervisory workplace responsibilities that expand beyond the basics that all general employees should learn. This non-cannabis-specific compliance program is required by certain legal jurisdictions (ex. California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, etc.) and all of these training mandates are exactly the same when working in the cannabis industry.

Not only is workplace harassment against the law, but this will also interfere with getting your work done so learn as a supervisor how to be 100% responsible for fostering a productive work environment. Any type of harassment can expose your organization to expensive lawsuits and employees cannot perform their best if they have to worry about harassment. In addition, discover how any failure to investigate a harassment complaint can lead to employer liability and lawsuits.

Your job is to take any comments or statements seriously – no matter how casual – so you’ll know when to report these incidents and eliminate all these behaviors that’ll help protect an organization from liability. Every employer who fails to take instant action necessary to prevent or correct harassment cannot have all of the defenses available to them when a legal court case starts against the business.

Organizations are realizing they are not doing enough to stop the inappropriate behavior that can lead to an awkward office environment, business lawsuits, and reputation damage. A supervisor will “wear many hats” by being an organizer, leader, evaluator, planner, developer, and resource manager. Learn how managing people will play a key role in harassment prevention in the workplace so it is the supervisor’s responsibility to listen, inquire, and immediately resolve harassment.


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Supervisor Harassment Prevention

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