Up to now, cannabis schooling wasn’t entirely necessary since there weren’t any¬†certificates¬†available¬†to become a recreational or medical marijuana Bud-tender.¬†However, future Bud-tenders are going to need to answer questions from clients as well as provide suggestions and recommendations on several strains or products.

As a result of the growing cannabis industry, it is critical for Bud-tenders to be highly knowledgeable in regards to the cultivation of marijuana along with being familiar with numerous strains that are supplied by their dispensary or other providers.

Budtender jobs are the  #1 desired position by job seekers and it can be very difficult to land a job as a Bud-tender. It may take you 20 hours to complete our Budtender Certification, but once finished you will stand out from other candidates applying for your same position.


Starting To Work In The Cannabis Industry


Before you can begin working in the cannabis industry, depending on your state; you may be required to complete an application in order to work in industry. In Colorado, you must acquire a Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) Badge before you can begin to work in the cannabis industry so be sure to check your state and local laws.

Becoming an excellent Bud-tender can be difficult to achieve so it is essential¬†to gain the necessary knowledge to land this exciting position.¬†Being a real Budtender is an ideal fit for anyone who wants to start working in the cannabis industry and studying the curriculum from an online cannabis college will give you that extra “edge” to land your new job.

Before ever starting your career in the cannabis industry it is vital to discover whether the Bud-tender position is a suitable fit for your personality and current cannabis knowledge.

It isn’t simple to get your foot “in the door” at a cannabis dispensary in this booming industry because there’s a lot of competition for employment at the moment. But, if there’s a certain dispensary that you’ve in mind that you would prefer to work at, visit them and put the “best foot forward” by highlighting the cannabis education that you’ve completed.

Cannabis Products & Plant Strains

budtender training

When working as a Bud-tender is one of the best ways to learn about new products and strains in the industry. Bud-tenders should be acquainted with the different forms of cannabis and the best dosage for their customers.

Salaried positions are obtainable for the most suitable employees, those who can entirely run and handle the dispensary from opening to close. Way to stick out from other employees at your dispensary, you must be ready to show your work ethic as well as qualifications that make you the best candidate for a salaried position.

If you are completely new to the cannabis industry and unfamiliar with the basics of cannabis, then we would advise you to enroll in some online education to move your name to the “top of the list” for new potential hires.

If you feel like it may be a little early for you to become a Budtender, that is certainly okay. You can set your educational goals and learn from home to prepare yourself to work in the cannabis industry.

There are many ways to become a Budtender, but there are simple and relatively easy strategies to become a Budtender. Another excellent strategy to start working in the cannabis industry is to meet other people working at dispensaries and start networking.

This way, your knowledge has the potential to expand through social means before you walk into an interview, just believe in yourself and follow a professional development plan.

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