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Powering Community-Based Learning With All of Our BEST Training in 1-Place From "Cannabis Lovers" to Industry Pros Can Connect & Get More Educated, Much Faster.

What's Your Biggest "Cannabis Challenge"?

Our Team Divides Your Answer Into Different "Buckets & Formulate a Strategy Based-On "Crowdsourced" Community Feedback Received That'll Meet Your Needs.

What's Your Biggest "Cannabis Challenge"?

Our Team Divides Your Answer Into Different "Buckets & Formulate a Strategy Based-On "Crowdsourced" Community Feedback Received That'll Meet Your Needs.

Tell Us What's Your Biggest "Cannabis Challenge" Right Now?

Our Team Divides Your Answers Into Different "Buckets" & Formulates a Strategy Based-On "Crowdsourcing" From Our Community That'll Help Meet 100% of Your Needs.

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Cannabis Horticulture

Implementing Standardized Cultivation Environments Are Especially Important Since All Problems Impacts Revenue & There's Little Margin For Error At Scale.

Here's The "Faces" Of The Cannabis Industry (Retail Dispensary Agents)

Let's Train Skilled & Talented Dispensary Technicians That Drive a Higher-Quality Retail Experience That Delivers Positive Outcomes With Everyone, Every Time.

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METRC Tracking System Training

Learn How One Tool Can Manage Your Retails Dispensary Operations, Track Cannabis Taxes & Stay Compliant.

Edibles Are A HOT Topic & You Never Want To Making People Sick!

Our Cannabis Product Manufacturing & Recognized Food Safety Training Covers Everything From Topicals, Edibles to Concentrates & Formulated Products.

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Calendar & Checklist Training

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There's Always That "Un-Fun Thing" With Any Job & Our Compliance Training Provides What's REQUIRED to Be Compliant & Conduct Commercial Activities.

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COVID Cannabis Industry Safety

During COVID-19 Pandemic a 9-Letter Word Was a "Game-Changer" for Our Legal Cannabis Industry: "Essential."

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Cannabis Plant Pathogens

Pathogens cause diseases when looking for a host body to infect since they come in diverse forms: bacteria, fungi, worms, viruses, and also prions. Learn how pathogens are one of the most significant threats to plants that are being cultivated in the cannabis industry. These silent visitors may cause your plants to produce fewer trichomes,…

What Plants Create Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids and cannabinoid-like substances that stimulate the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS) are actually found in many plants. Some of these plants have long been used in traditional medicine. Others you may recognize as popular superfoods. The magic of cannabis, certainly from a medical perspective, is that a single plant produces so many healing compounds. These are…

Cannabis Genetics’ Future Development

Cannabis genetics is an essential facet of the industry that affects every part of the production process. Cannabis breeding is carefully controlled to produce a multitude of different cultivars, each specifically tailored to create a unique experience. While most are familiar with the different species – Cannabis Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis – there are many…

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

You’ve got work to get done and you’ve decided to bring on temporary talent to augment your dispensary team. What are the cannabis dispensary staff augmentation best practices you should heed? Here are a few dispensary staff augmentation best practices we’ve cherry-picked from our own experience. 1. Find Your Right Staff Augmentation Vendor It’s important…

3 Tips Helping Senior Cannabis Customers

3 Tips Helping Senior Cannabis Customers

People over 55 are the fastest growing consumer market for cannabis. Baby Boomers, or those born prior to 1965, aren’t babies anymore but they are the fastest growing consumer demographic for cannabis products. Media reports and academic studies attribute the trend toward (literally) maturing markets and increased public acceptance of cannabis use, as legalization continues…

NFL Player Brain Health & Cannabis (TBI-Issues)

National Football League using Cannabis

Concussions are a widespread injury in the National Football League (NFL), with 187 concussions reported in 2021 (injuries caused by an impact on the head, neck, or body that disrupts the brain’s function). Concussion symptoms may include headaches, sleep issues, balance problems, changes in memory functions, and other areas of dysfunction. Sustaining another concussion while…

Washington State Medical Cannabis Consultant

In 1998, Washington Initiative 692 approved medical cannabis use for patients with terminal and debilitating conditions then, on December 6, 2012, it became the first state to make recreational cannabis use legal (click here for more Washington state history). As a state with more experience with cannabis policy implementation, Washington has a more structured approach…

Military Veteran Cannabis Education Access

There’s no industry more resilient and agile than cannabis which makes it fitting for military veterans worldwide as the legalization continues to spread globally. We continue to build the “total eLearning solution” that’s needed for the industry, but we recognize the support required for veterans to learn how to use cannabis medicinally or guide those…

Illinois Responsible Vendor Training

As of January 1, 2020, both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois. Illinois has taken quick and effective steps to implement a required “Responsible Vendor” compliance training to ensure you are meeting the required regulations when selling and handling cannabis in the state’s industry. (RELATED: Check Out Our IDFPR Approved…

Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training

As a state with both legal medical and recreational marijuana, Massachusetts is leading the way with new compliance practices. [Check Out Our Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) Approved “Responsible Vendor” Compliance Training] On July 17, 2019 (and effective that day), the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission announced it would require all professionals in roles that directly handle…

Dispensary Technician Role & Medical Advice

Retail Dispensary

The cannabis industry is one of the most dynamic and rewarding places to be at this moment in history. As a member of a licensed cannabis retailer, you are one of the front-line faces of this new industry, and at times, the first-person customers will encounter. You represent the licensed cannabis retailer’s values and should…

Cannabis Delivery & Transportation Best Practices

If your company has an “auto exposure” such as delivery, distribution, or employees simply running company errands, your company needs a robust risk management program. Managing a fleet is essential to ensure drivers are given the necessary tools to be safe and responsible while on the open road. Implementing a vehicle maintenance program is also…

Cannabis Trichomes Overview

If you have an interest in cannabis plants, you will probably have heard of trichomes. Those who buy cannabis buds regularly or grow their own realize that these are very important parts of the plant. Take a closer look at any flowering plant and you’ll see thousands of tiny crystalized dots covering the buds and…

Non-Cannabis Companies & Worker Protections

Non-cannabis-businesses that still maintain workplace drug-testing policies may be struggling to comply with complex state and local cannabis laws while also finding that more workers are testing positive for cannabis. Although all cannabis use is still illegal under federal law, many states have legalized medical and recreational use, and more states are adding workplace protections….

Minor & Novel Cannabinoids Introduction

In our rapid advance in cannabis science through recent years with the easing of restrictions on handling and experimenting with cannabis and cannabinoids via legalization and regulation efforts across the country. We have discovered and re-discovered cannabinoids that hold potential for great advancement in cannabis chemistry and potential for many beneficial health and wellness benefits…

Cannabis 2022 Laws & Workplace Impact

Growing acceptance of cannabis use in recent years has led to the proliferation of state laws legalizing medical and recreational cannabis consumption, as well as a push for employment protections for off-duty use. Here’s what non-cannabis industry employers need to know about evolving cannabis laws and their impact on the workplace. As more and more…