How? What? To Do Cannabis Manicuring…

Manicuring Cannabis

Once you have harvested (taken down your crop) you will begin the process of carefully start the cannabis manicuring process for each of the buds. When you are cannabis manicuring the buds, you will remove the large leaves from the stem then be trimming the smaller leaves by hand or machine to trim them down to the buds.

Using a good pair of trimming scissors is essential to the process running smoothly and nicely manicured buds. Scissors and tools that are not sharp will tear up the buds causing hacked-up looking buds.

When you are cannabis manicuring dry buds, put a silkscreen below the area that you are trimming to help you to pick up fallen resin glands and trimmings more easily. When you are harvesting your crop you will probably want to go out and purchase a box of inexpensive rubber gloves.

Having gloves to harvest your crop will save you the hassle of picking the very sticky ‘finger hash’ off of your fingers and you will also be able to collect the finger hash on a pair of gloves that you can freeze to collect the finger hash.

Manicuring Cannabis After Your Harvest

Cannabis Manicuring

When you are cannabis manicuring your crop there will be a buildup of resin on your scissors that will impair the blade movement which makes it hard to use the scissors. You may need to scrape off the resin that is building up on your scissors in order to continue cannabis manicuring.

When you have removed most of the resin through scrapping the blade then place the scissors into a jar of rubbing alcohol to sit for a while to clean the resin. Submerging your scissors in the rubbing alcohol will allow the resin to come off more easily where you can then wipe them off with a paper towel.

Depending on the size of your crop that you are harvesting you will need to budget enough time to harvest the cannabis plants and manicure your buds. Typically, to manicure about one pound (454 grams) of bud will take from four (4) to six (6) hours if it is done by hand or about one (1) to two (2) hours if you are using a mechanical trimmer.

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