Air and Plant Environment Program


Training Time: 2:42 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access

Delivery Format: On-Demand Video

Audience: Cannabis Cultivation


Air and Cannabis Environment Program

The best indoor gardeners fully understand the needs of their plants and how to manage the environmental conditions of their space. The success or failure of an indoor garden is primarily determined by the airflow provided as well as the level of carbon dioxide (CO2). To grow cannabis of the highest quality, you must recognize and understand the critical factors that will contribute to the health of your plants.

With this comprehensive air and environment training, you will learn about everything from carbon dioxide content to the appropriate temperature for your plants and how different factors affect their ability to grow and produce a quality crop. As well, successful indoor gardeners identify and address the challenge of odor control. It is important to be a good neighbor, garden professionally, and maintain a comfortable space.

Odor control can be a significant challenge for novice gardeners, so be sure you are equipped with the tools for success. Controlling the indoor growing environment requires considerable energy inputs, with concomitant increases in greenhouse gas emissions. We will also explore differences in indoor and outdoor growing operations and extraction markets along with the impact of various product types that are emerging in this burgeoning industry.

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