Delivery Compliance


Training Time: 1:51 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access

Delivery Format: On-Demand Video

Credential Issued: Digital Certificate


Cannabis Delivery Compliance

Our delivery compliance training is “agnostic” (meaning it applies to every legal jurisdiction globally), but this is included in all of our state-specific “Cannabis Delivery Driver Certifications” which are accredited by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). Now that legal cannabis markets allow adult use, they have also created delivery frameworks that are used as models to emulate industry “best practices”.

This cannabis delivery compliance training will provide you with the knowledge needed to deliver products and understand the many nuances of maintaining compliance from an industry compliance perspective. Regulations affect every part of cannabis deliveries, from health and safety issues to all data security, management responsibility, operator behavior, and everything else in-between.

Learn how these delivery business models – which are typically dictated by many government regulations – contain innovative provisions that do appropriately expand patient and consumer access, address public health and safety concerns, and facilitate collaboration between licensed businesses and industry regulators.

Independent or non-storefront delivery services will be subjected to the same standards and regulations as traditional retailers many times they do not allow consumer access or purchases on-site. As the cannabis industry faces constantly shifting requirements, the challenge to mitigate your compliance risk, reduce any exposure to fines, or avoid criminal charges has never been more important.

Building a reliable and efficient process for cannabis delivery drivers can be very challenging. Individuals who are conducting deliveries will need to be very detail-oriented and connect with customers when you’re delivering at their residence.