Dispensary Technician Role



Training Time: 59 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
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Dispensary Technician Role

Happy customers will return again and again. Customer service is as much a part of being an effective dispensary technician as technical knowledge. In this training, you will acquire the skills required to be a customer service superstar, and answer technical questions customers might bring with them to the dispensary.

In our Dispensary Technician Role training, you will explore the best practices for a dispensary technician in a licensed cannabis retailer setting. As a dispensary technician, you will interact with a variety of customers who have wide-ranging needs. In lieu, you will be able to understand the strength of present cannabis varieties and accordingly administer or guide customers on its usage. You will learn how to identify these needs and offer the best products for your customers.

You will also learn about the fundamental duties to administer your services as a successful dispensary technician. Additionally, you will discover the skills that pave the road to becoming a success in this role. After this training, you will be prepared to address and meet the needs of your customers, exceed the expectations of your employer, and accomplish a sense of belonging in your job.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover various communication styles and how to implement them in your customer interactions.
  • You will explore the roles, responsibilities, and best practices of a dispensary technician.
  • You will learn the dosing protocol for different types of patients you may encounter.
  • You will master scientific and technical knowledge of Cannabis with the ability to explain the Cannabidiol (or CBD) to Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) ratio to customers.


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Dispensary Technician Role

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