Product Delivery Methods




Training Time: 53 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
Delivery Format: On-Demand Video
Credential Issued: Digital Certificate

Cannabis Delivery Methods

There are numerous ways for your customers to enjoy their cannabis, depending on their preferences and needs. It is critical to comprehend the different methods so you can properly advise and support them. In this training, you will learn everything about how to effectively support your customers and keep them returning time and again.

When customers are relying on you for advice about how to best enjoy and use the cannabis they need, you must be well informed. With many delivery methods prevalent these days, the majority of customers may not realize what will work best for them.

With our Cannabis Delivery Methods training, you will equip yourself with in-depth information on different extraction methods and gain a vast knowledge of the variety of delivery methods, so you can guide your customers. There are pros and cons associated with each delivery method, and what works for one customer may not be a good choice for another customer. You will gain comprehensive knowledge and become proficient to be able to make customers count on you.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover varieties of cannabis concentrates, preferred methods of its extraction, and various cannabis delivery methods such as oral, topical, and suppositories.
  • You will explore onset times and duration of effects related to different delivery methods.
  • You will learn about cannabis inhalation, vaporization, and edible, and suppository delivery methods along with their therapeutic effects.
  • You will master the pros and cons of each delivery method so you can properly advise customers.