How to Start a Retail Dispensary



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How to Start a Retail Cannabis Dispensary

The legalization of cannabis is moving at a fast pace across the globe so you’ll find more regulated markets that allow the use of medical cannabis and permit its consumption for adult use. Expansion is the name of the game in retail cannabis so operators are opening more locations than in previous years and hiring more employees. As the industry grows and regulators introduce more business-friendly practices, consolidation is expected to continue in maturing markets.

If you are thinking about opening a dispensary, the time is now because the fact of the matter is that entering the legal cannabis industry can be incredibly profitable and there are opportunities galore. In this training, we offer an objective look at both the potential benefits as well as risks involved in opening a dispensary. You’ll gain comprehensive information about the entire process – from obtaining funds to applying for a license, all the way to opening your doors to customers.

Unfortunately, the grass isn’t entirely “greener” when it comes to the business landscape, and there are multiple challenges and risks that dispensary owners must navigate and overcome. Broadly speaking, these can be categorized into five (5) groups: legal, compliance, social, financial, and security. While all of this may sound challenging, successfully opening a dispensary is more than rewarding.

In this training you’ll dive into all of the initial research and planning required before taking the plunge into opening a retail cannabis dispensary You’ll notice that one recurring answer in this training is “it depends” – all regulated markets have their own licensing, application, and compliance procedures, meaning the legal landscape in which you’ll operate in can even vary by all local jurisdictions.


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How to Start a Retail Cannabis Dispensary

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