Water and Plant Irrigation



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Cannabis Water and Plant Irrigation

To grow the best quality cannabis possible, you have to understand the water needs of your cannabis plants. It is not as simple as filling a watering can and pouring it into a container. It is an art and science to water your cannabis garden properly and in this training, you will learn how to effectively manage the water and irrigation for your cannabis garden.

Good water quality is essential for the process to work at its maximum potential. The laws of physics govern a plant’s water uptake. By applying these laws, a grower can provide precise, properly balanced components to grow outstanding cannabis. A key piece of this training is to understand the components of common tap water compared with the needs of your cannabis plants.

You will learn the basics of irrigation components, how to identify sodium chloride toxicity and other cannabis health issues, understand the basics of osmosis, best practices for irrigation, and how to build a drip system. Depending on your region, the components of your tap water will vary. You will learn what your cannabis plants need you to filter out and add in order to thrive.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the minerals found in most tap water and how to get your plants the minerals they need
  • You will explore how to automate your garden watering system
  • You will learn the best practices for irrigation and building a drip-system
  • You will master how to ensure your cannabis is perfectly watered, and avoid under or over-watering
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Water and Irrigation

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