Medicinal Product Use



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Medicinal Cannabis Product Use

Cannabis is receiving renewed attention in medical research for its huge potential benefits in treating certain patient conditions. Though cannabis has been very restricted by government laws, it has become more prevalent within the medical community as regulations have passed around the world allowing its medical use. Research continues into the potential uses, benefits, and drawbacks of medical cannabis so it is critical to make sure recommendations are based on evidence.

For medical practitioners, this has created gaps in information about the legality and science beyond recommending medical cannabis. Though practitioners are legally protected when discussing medical cannabis with their patients, so many medical practitioners choose not to at all. This is all because of several financial, educational, and medical barriers that practitioners encounter in their practice.

With over 50+ medical studies referenced throughout this training, we’ll discuss the pharmacology of cannabis and its effect on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) so you can analyze use disorders and other patient precautions. In addition, learn how to analyze the dosing effects and common cannabis delivery methods used.

Developed to focus on the essential knowledge practitioners need to develop an understanding of the clinical uses of medical cannabis to better advise those types of patients. After completing this training, you will be able to better describe the current landscape of recommending medical cannabis and evaluate the evidence for treating patient conditions with medical cannabis that is medically beneficial.

Additionally, primary care providers need to have tools to assess problematic cannabis use and have a mechanism for referring patients for treatment if any is indicated. It is crucial that the medical community deliver consistently evidence-based assessment, treatment, prevention, and harm-reduction messaging to dispel myths and prevent potential public health problems related to cannabis.


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