Product Labeling and Packaging Safety



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Product Labeling and Packaging Safety

Packaging for most cannabis products and all cannabis-infused edibles must be designed to be functional, opaque, portioned, or individually wrapped, tamper-evident, child-resistant, unattractive to minors, unlike certain commercially available products, and protection of the contents from contamination.

A comprehensive framework for cannabis use is needed to protect the public, maximize benefits, and minimize harms and risks. Standardization of cannabis product labeling requirements would benefit consumers and promote safer and more effective usage of cannabis products.

Labeling of packaged edibles communicates the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) content and may include additional information such as cannabis strain, cannabis laboratory, and date of testing. When working with fillers and package sealers, you’ll discover that you’ll have great respect for the design and use of filling and packaging equipment, along with the engineering feat of product movement from one (1) processing step to the next.

The overarching goal is to encourage greater consistency and judiciousness in cannabis rulemaking by providing government regulators with model packaging and labeling regulations supported by in-depth research, analysis, and input from diverse stakeholders and experts. Important points about the packaging of cannabis-infused edibles will be reviewed in this training.

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