Security Prepping Deliveries Procedure



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Security Prepping Deliveries Procedure

Cannabis deliveries have a myriad of security vulnerabilities and diversion points, but there are very strict laws on how cannabis is to be handled, tracked, and delivered. In this training, you will learn everything you need to know about security-prepping deliveries and the different responsibilities of whoever is packaging orders that will be “out for delivery” to consumers. It’s critical to meet security standards since delivery services are critical for a regulated industry.

Delivery provides consumers with much-needed access to medical cannabis and helps to increase adult-use consumer access. Learn how maintaining security involves completing delivery preparations in pairs and the main requirements explored in this training for preparing your packaging in a secure manner to ensure the cannabis delivery is conducted compliantly. Learn how to operate in pairs while packaging deliveries and why you’ll be tracking every step, signing delivery manifests, and using tamper-evident packaging to always be compliant.

Before drivers even get on the road, you should establish an approach to security and processing orders to minimize mistakes and wasted time. Ensuring that each order is packed correctly and that each driver leaves the store with the right order is crucial to running a delivery service. Learn to manage to mark lockboxes with assigned delivery orders so drivers simply pick them up before heading out to minimize order mix-ups to keep things moving at a quick pace for any operations.

In addition to teaching your cannabis delivery drivers about the security policies they’ll be using on a daily basis, it’s imperative that they understand the protocol and processes associated with making deliveries. To avoid confusion when picking up orders at the dispensary, drivers will use a variety of delivery apps to scan the receipt of each order which will then add it to their queue for the delivery driver.


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Security Prepping Deliveries Procedure

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