Smart growers use a surfactant, a surface-active substance (adjuvant), which increases foliar fertilization to be used for a cannabis plant.

Spreaders are wetting agents that reduce surface tension on leaves and prevent the beading-up of water/fertilizers to keep them from falling off of foliage.

If the sprays accumulate into large drops then you will want to add a spreader to make it stay on the leaves. As well as if the spray is flat when applied to leaves, it will be best to decrease the amount of spreader that you are using.

Stickers help the spray stick to the leaf after spraying leaves down since stickers do not wash off in rain or when misted. Stickers increase adhesion to the leaves while slowing evaporation and providing a waterproof coating.

Both spreaders and stickers allow the plant’s stomata to be penetrated with water as well as fertilizers. Extenders are stabilizing agents that protect leaves, they are applied from sprays to protect against heat and UV radiation damage.

Many times growers will use liquid or powder soap when mixing the foliar sprays. These substances help the sprays to adhere better to leaves when applied, though are not as effective as store-bought surfactants.

Foliar spray can accumulate in and on the leaves of your cannabis plant, but can also cause salts to build up over time. Foliar sprays can cause over-fertilizing of plants when used in conjunction with watering and fertilizing in the growing medium.

Over-Fertilization Cannabis Plants

marijuana sprayingThis is one of the biggest problems for indoor growers. Over-fertilization is greater and can happen more often in a small container with a small amount of soil.

Larger containers can safely hold more soil or soilless mixes and nutrients within them, though can take longer to flush out than smaller containers if over-fertilization occurs.

To treat over-fertilized plants, you will want to leach the soil or soilless medium with two gallons (8 L) of diluted nutrient solution per gallon (4 L) of soil or soilless mix to wash out nutrients.

To rapidly flush out the cannabis plant and their containers use 100% straight water when flushing. When flushing plants and their growing medium, new growth and the cannabis plant should look better within one (1) week.

If over-fertilizing is severe and leaves are distorted and burning, the soil or soilless medium needs to be leached several times over to be thoroughly flushed.

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