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By Sharing Us With Your Audience You’ll Have Something Brand-New to Talk to Them About Daily & BENEFIT From Our High-Converting Landing Pages, Follow-Up Sequences & Retargeting Efforts. 😎

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"Helping Catalyze Our Community That'll Make An Empowering IMPACT 100% Around Your Cannabis Mission"

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Our Instructional Design Team Carefully Outlines Training That's Requested From A Crowdsourced Platform Roadmap That'll Always Meet Our Community's Needs & All Those Constant Industry Changes.
What's New
Our Goal is to Produce the Best Cannabis Industry Content in the Known Universe & This is One the Best Avenues for Us to Share Strategies That Are WORKING Right Now From Global Experts.
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Marketing Collateral

The Purpose Of Our Segmentation Collateral Helps ENGAGE With Your Audience To Participate In "Simple Quizzes" To Understand What They Want & Need The Most Right Now Within The Industry.

Deep Dive Quiz

Let's ask your audience what's their #1 challenge right now within the cannabis industry to provide us with VALUABLE information to segment them then we'll start marketing.

Learner Diagnosis

Send your audience this segmentation survey today so we can "analyze" responses & right away we will then recommend the very best option (with 20% OFF).

Cannabis Expertise

Assess your audience's expertise & it is now time to put their knowledge to the test right NOW by taking our quiz to learn how the cannabis industry is very different.

Dispensary Quiz

Dispensary Technicians (aka "Budtenders") are deep wells of cannabis knowledge & are a huge help to customers, who RELY on them to answer any questions on a daily basis.

Lead Magnets

These Are Some of Our Highest Converting Pieces of Gated Content & Roughly 96% of Everyone Who Takes a Lead Magnet Creates a FREE Account Getting You One Step Closer to a Paid Referral ($$$). 🥳

GC Insider

Have your audience join the "GC Insider" newsletter so they'll get timely, TACTICAL industry updates delivered via email every Monday (PLUS included in our marketing).

Free Trial

Our "Free Trial" option is your premium access introduction to our engaging micro-learning from all your friends at Green CulturED, oh yeah & did we mention it is always FREE?

Platform Roadmap

Have your audience add & vote on NEW training "ideas" for our Instructional Design team to publish next within our training solution meets learners' desired objectives.

Industry Impact

We "give back" to military veterans & those who are disabled & this is how we align our true "soul" with much more IMPACT that inevitably delivers you (plus us) profits.

Learning Centers

Whether You’re a Beginner Looking for a Place to Start or a Seasoned Industry Pro Looking to Up-Level Your Skills, We Have Everything You Need to Get Cannabis DONE the Right Way, the Very First Time.

Casual Learner

Promote Lab to "Casual Learners" using our $1 trial for 3-days (then it's $47 / monthly fee) & this is our LOWEST-cost subscription that will create you a 100% residual income.

Industry Pro

When selling Lab+ to your "Industry Professionals" audience using our $1 trial for 3-days access (then it's $97 / monthly) & this MID-cost subscription that will payout.

Team Leaders

Promote HQ to your "team leaders" using our $1 trial for 3-days access (then it's $147 / monthly tuition) & this is our HIGH-cost subscription that will continue to pay you.

For Enterprise

Promote our HQ+ to businesses & team leaders who need a total eLearning solution that's customized exactly to meet their training needs & we provide CUSTOM pricing.

Industry Certifications

Our "Benchmarked Excellence" In Workplace Compliance Training Is Unrivaled, Tailored Specifically For The Cannabis Industry, Ensuring Adherence To All Workforce And Government Mandates.

Retail Dispensary

Dispensary Agent

When you enter the dispensary or CBD store, Dispensary Technicians (aka "Budtenders") help patrons with products & educate them everything about cannabis.

Master Grower

As a master grower, you must possess extensive knowledge about cannabis cultivation from indoors to outdoors, using different growing systems, breeding & more.

Worker Safety

For the cannabis industry to maintain a safe workplace, workers need to complete basic safety & health education on the recognition & prevention of safety hazards.

Training Strategy

You’ve finally found it… our "treasure map" to building an unstoppable professional career or business & we call it the "Cannabis Training Optimization Strategy."

Sponsorship Request

Interested in Doing 100% Custom Marketing With Us? We're Partnering to Build Each Other's Audiences That'll  Accomplish Our Goals & EVOLVE Together to Meet Those "Ever-Changing" Cannabis' Needs. 🤓

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One (1) of our (MANY) mottos that we have around here: “Great partnerships are a result of support, solutions & strategies being all available at YOUR disposal…”

By SHARING us with your audience, you’ll have something brand-new to talk about from our high-converting free trials, follow-up sequences & re-targeting efforts. 🥳

Social Equity Program
We're Empowering Underrepresented People to Create Opportunities & Believe That Cannabis Can Will Be THE "Ultimate Lever" Where Lasting Differences Make Them Excited to "Get Out of Bed Each Morning".
Individual Scholarships & Business Discounts

By helping to remove hurdles for under-represented entrepreneurs and future leaders, they’re realigning our industry’s “true soul” with more IMPACT, meaning, and happiness that will deliver them even greater profits. Here’s how we help:

"Helping Catalyze Our Social Equity Community That Makes An Empowering IMPACT Around Their Mission..."

Accreditations & Authorizations
Our "Claim-to-Fame" Is Being The Most Accredited (or Authorized) Training Provider In The Industry To ENSURE What We Do Actually Meets ALL Those Never-Ending Regulator Requirements.