Industry-Specific Workplace Safety



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Cannabis Industry Workplace Safety

The complexity of hazards in the cannabis industry is increasing with the growth in the industry. This direct proportion leads to the fact of being mindful of workplace safety and training employees to combat the increasing risk of working in the cannabis industry.

A well-informed and responsive workforce with regular training and education on hazards involved in the ever-growing cannabis industry is key to safeguarding one’s life and protecting businesses. In this training, you will learn about the categories of hazards via biological, chemical, and physical hazards, wherein employees are exposed to different work conditions.

Moreover, you will explore the exposure levels and/or applicable standards of hazards, their impact on health, and effective control measures. The training outlines the details of how an element involved during a stage of cannabis cultivation or manufacturing can pose threat and otherwise culminate in a hazard.

The training is intended to provide a comprehensive insight into different categories of hazards, and impacts on job roles involved, assist in the identification of symptoms and present the best practices to encounter the situation wisely and quickly.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover different categories under which hazards can be grouped viz- biological, chemical, and physical.
  • You will explore potential components under each category of hazard that might pose a great threat if not monitored properly.
  • You will learn about the hazard assessment and job roles that are impacted.
  • You will master the identification of potential biological, chemical, and physical hazards along with in-depth knowledge of components and best practices to control them.


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Cannabis Industry Workplace Safety

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