Technology Security Awareness



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Technology Security Awareness

Workplace security is of paramount importance to every organization within the cannabis industry. The increasingly frequent use of the Internet and email means that there are new and additional security risks in the workplace. With viruses, malware, hackers, and other threats lurking everywhere, employees are just one click away from potentially downloading harmful software or even disclosing confidential information – even if they’re unaware and didn’t intend to do so.

You will learn how to protect yourself and your organization from the numerous dangerous threats you’ll find in the cannabis industry. You’ll learn about security risks and safe practices that will help you protect yourself and your organization from those risks. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, a thorough knowledge of Information Technology (IT) security is critical to personal and business safety. Our Security Technology Awareness training will help you know how to keep your customers, patients, and businesses safe from these threats.

You’ll help to combat threats since there are many ways malicious hackers try and gain access to information and your computer systems with some of the most common methods being spoofed emails and ransomware attachments. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their ploys to access all your confidential information and equip you with the most cutting-edge skills to keep yourself safe.

With this Information Security Awareness training, you’ll learn that you are on the front lines for your company and how to keep it safe. You will find out how to identify malicious activity and how to mitigate risk when doing business online. This includes recognizing phishing emails, noticing links that may not appear suspicious, avoiding ransomware, and identifying spoofed emails, or other threats.

IT Security Awareness


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Technology Security Awareness

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