Colorado Delivery Certification


Training Time: 2:51 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access

Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate

MED Authorized: #RV-00034


Product Quantity Discount Price per Unit
5 - 24 20% $29.60
25 - 49 30% $25.90
50+ 40% $22.20

Colorado Marijuana Delivery Certification

Accredited: Green CulturED has been authorized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) (Approval: #RV-00034) as their approved Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT) for professionals who are working in Colorado’s marijuana industry.

Our “Delivery Supplement” Responsible Vendor Certification is required for stores and transporters that deliver marijuana to private residences. You’ll learn that one of the most important aspects of making deliveries is understanding all of the areas of compliance that drivers must adhere to on the job. Important things you’ll learn are the amount of onboard inventory allowed, documentation for each sale, keeping a destination log, inventory ledger, and keeping products secure.

Licensed marijuana transporters and retail store employees who make deliveries to private residences are required to complete this training prior to their first delivery. This includes successful completion by all-controlling beneficial owners with day-to-day operational control of the licensed premises, all management personnel, and employees involved in any handling and all transfer of regulated marijuana to customers’ residences along with renewing every two (2) years.

Building a reliable and efficient process for marijuana delivery drivers can be very challenging. Individuals who are conducting deliveries will need to be detail-oriented and connect with customers when you’re delivering at their homes. Delivery drivers will be representing the marijuana brand so it’s essential to expand your brand’s “blue sky” value beyond the storefront to private residences. This training will be an integral step in setting them up for success, so learning marijuana delivery best practices will ensure exceptional service and safety.

Many legal medical patients cannot travel to access points to receive medical marijuana due to physical, economic, or time constraints. Marijuana home delivery is the next evolution of the retail scene in the industry, so be ready as it’s slowly but surely rolling out across Colorado. Licensed delivery operators must track delivery sales like in-store sales, and learn how deliveries use “Seed-to-Sale” product inventory tracking so you’ll know about transport manifests and more.