Law Enforcement Interactions



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Law Enforcement Interactions

You’re always vulnerable to raids, arrests, prosecution, and incarceration due to the “drug classifications” which make every little thing scrutinized in the cannabis industry. Even following all cannabis laws in regulated markets doesn’t guarantee that you will never have to interact with law enforcement. In this training, you’ll learn what to do if a raid or robbery occurs, and explore different security or other safety protocols designed to reduce the risk of all law enforcement encounters.

The more familiar you are with your rights under the law, the more it is likely you’ll have a successful encounter with law enforcement. The strategies found in this training are meant to educate cannabis industry operators and all of their team members about their rights during all law enforcement encounters. Every law enforcement officer takes an oath of office swearing to uphold the “law of the land” and uphold the laws for the population they are charged with protecting.

Protecting citizens involves enforcing laws, such as traffic laws, that are designed to keep all citizens safe, but now with licensed cannabis delivery operating on local roads, there’s now a higher chance of these types of interactions. We cover aspects of law enforcement training and legal court procedures since you could have interactions that can be confusing or frightening. It is equally as important that citizens interacting with law enforcement officers in their official capacity understand the unique and dangerous situations they’re presented with each day.

Everyone is not 100% familiar with the workings of the criminal justice system. By following all applicable laws and regulations and taking every appropriate step to protect the physical integrity of the facility, by safeguarding information, cannabis products, and money on-site, develop a “culture of security”, and a variety of plans for emergencies (ex. medical events, robberies, raids, etc.). Anyone working in the cannabis sector can help to minimize incidents and mitigate those consequences.


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