Plant Germination and Seedlings



Training Time: 36 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
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Audience: Cannabis Cultivation

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Cannabis Germination and Seedlings

The best, healthiest cannabis plants grow from well-cared-for seeds. To grow a thriving, sought-after crop, you have to master the art and science of seed germination and seedling care. In this training, you will get the knowledge and tools you need to start an ideal cannabis crop.

There are specific conditions that lead to the best growth for the seed, and in our Germination and Seedlings training, you will understand how to create those conditions. We will review the complex process that cannabis seeds go through from dormant to active growth. Just as important, there are some tips and tricks you can apply to encourage your seeds to help ensure the plant sex is female.

You will explore the benefits of soaking seeds initially, the ideal temperature for your seeds, the best watering methods, and the target air quality. In our germination and seedlings training, you also learn what type of soil is best for seeds and the depth to plant the seeds. Finally, you will develop a full understanding of seed development timing and the potential growth cycle length.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the ideal lighting needed for seedlings
  • You will explore what cannabis seeds need to germinate
  • You will learn techniques to grow more female plants from seed
  • You will master proper care of seedling cannabis plants
Cannabis Seeds and Seedlings Studies


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Cannabis Germination and Seedlings

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