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Training Time: 38 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
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Audience: Cannabis Cultivation

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Outdoor Cannabis Garden

You can grow high-quality cannabis plants successfully almost anywhere. But when your plants are in direct light, the sun tends to reach more of the plants, which results in a healthier plant. As a result, more growers tend to choose outdoor gardens. In this training, you will learn the strategies you need to successfully garden outdoors.

Some strains do better than others in an outdoor space. In our outdoor cannabis garden training, you will examine the various cannabis strains so you can choose the ones most likely to thrive in your environment. Many gardeners start their cannabis indoors and then transplant it to their outdoor space, which is a highly effective technique.

Growing cannabis outdoors is highly localized and we will explore how to identify the conditions specific to your precise area. This will allow you to grow more successfully and foresee any challenges. You will learn the top tips and tricks to determine the climate and weather in your area, so you can create a garden plan that will work for your plants.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover how to maintain pH levels in the outdoor soil
  • You will explore how to effectively plant your cannabis garden in every type of soil
  • You will learn how to identify which strains are the best for outdoor growing in your specific area
  • You will master how to begin the season indoors and transplant outdoors


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Outdoor Cannabis Garden

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