Planting Outdoor Garden




Training Time: 49 Minutes (Average)
Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access
Delivery Format: On-Demand Video
Audience: Cannabis Cultivation

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Planting Outdoor Cannabis Garden

Growing cannabis outdoors can produce plants with amazing quality, but it can be a very labor-intensive process. The smartest growers implement strategies to save time and optimize their plant quality. In this training, you will learn the skills you need to effectively grow outdoors.

In our Planting an Outdoor Cannabis Garden training, you will learn how to plant a cannabis garden outside, how to grow cannabis on a terrace, how to prepare the soil for growing, how to apply fertilizer and mulch, how to grow in a raised bed, how to water outdoors, and how to identify the optimal temperature and wind conditions for your cannabis plants.

Water is one of the biggest factors of growing success. You will explore automatic watering systems, watering crystals, and mulch to lock in moisture in this training. Learn all the knowledge you need to keep your garden hydrated, even in remote locations that you cannot get to every day.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover how to properly fertilize, water, and irrigate your outdoor garden
  • You will explore the optimal temperature and wind conditions for your cannabis
  • You will learn how to prepare your soil for planting
  • You will master how to plant a thriving cannabis garden outside
Grow Cannabis Using Natural Sunlight & Soil