If you’re in the market for a Learning Management System (LMS) for your cannabis business, you’re probably very familiar with many of the options, features, and services available to you.

In today’s global cannabis workplaces and dispersed teams, most organizations are seeking to bring onboarding, training, and compliance management together in a centralized system – while still keeping their departments, locations, or divisions separate.

If that’s what you need too, then a multi-tenant Learning Management System is a great fit for your organization. But, what exactly is multi-tenancy?


Multi-Tenancy or Multi-Tenant Architecture

The basic definition of multi-tenancy, according to Gartner, is “a mode of operation of software where multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared environment.” In short, this means that a single instance of a software application serves multiple tenants or users.

A common way to explain multi-tenancy compared to single-tenant environments is the “Building” analogy. In single-tenant applications, each user or customer owns a whole building, including an elevator, common areas, and all facilities inside.

In multi-tenant applications, each customer is a tenant within the building: they own their own flat, which is exclusively for them and only they can access, as well as customize it the way they want, but they share the common areas and services with other tenants.

In the case of multi-tenant software, the different tenants share the application and one single database, but each tenant’s data is completely isolated and private, not jeopardizing the security and privacy of data and information.

Multi-Tenant Learning Management Systems (LMS) Benefits

When it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS), a multi-tenant LMS enables you to host more than one learning environment (tenant) inside a single software installation.

In our cannabis-specific Workplace LMS, for example, a single installation allows you to host several separate eLearning sites or tenants, keeping them as entirely isolated entities with their own users, structure, and look and feel.

  • Multi-Tenant Learning Management System (LMS): from global cannabis companies with branches worldwide to government regulators with distinct departments, higher education institutions with several campuses learning about cannabis, or companies whose departments have separate learning needs and goals.
  • Cost-Effective: Having one system for multiple divisions or departments rather than buying a separate one for each decreases the cost of setting up and maintenance including updates and upgrades, which are done at the installation level and automatically pushed out to each of the tenants.
  • Personalized Learning: Multi-tenant architecture enables you to have a separate full LMS for each of your multiple departments, campuses, or organizations. Each of these platforms can have its own branding and organizational structure, so you can tailor them to each tenant’s learning objectives.
  • Shared Resources: Giving each of your divisions or departments a different LMS does not mean you can’t share content between tenants. Some multi-tenant LMS, like our cannabis Workplace LMS, allow you to have a shared space to distribute courses or other entities across tenants.
  • Central Control via Delegated LMS Management: With a multi-tenant LMS, you can also give custom permissions to different users in separate tenants, which allows you to have a different eLearning manager for each of your branches, departments, or franchises.
  • Consolidated Reporting: By having all your departments, divisions, or teams in the same database, you can not only generate separate reports for each tenant, but also aggregate data from several tenants in your reports.
  • Quick Deployment: When working with a multi-tenant LMS, launching a new learning environment is faster than with a single-tenant LMS since your main software installation is already up and running.

Our cannabis industry Workplace Learning Management System (LMS) is a customizable multi-tenant LMS that enables you to streamline onboarding and workplace learning.

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