Cannabis Genetics

cannabis geneticsAn inbred line (IBL) is a seed lot and cannabis genetics that has been bred for generations selecting repeatedly for specific traits to the point that each generation of the plant will have the same traits as the generations before.

These are said to be true breeds for these characteristics and they are bred for, they will have very little to no variances in these traits. Pure lines make the best breeding stock as they have predictable outcomes in subsequent generations.



Hybrids are the product of a cross between genetically unlike parents in cannabis genetics. These hybrids retain their characteristics if they are reproduced asexually, but fail to generate the same characteristics when they are reproduced sexually.

Hybrid varieties are developed by using inbred lines and creating new ones by segregating plants and selecting with inbreeding for homozygosity, then evaluation of the inbreeds for merging the ability in hybrid groupings, that follows reproduction of the selected inbred lines for hybrid seed production.

F1 Hybrid Varieties

cannabis geneticsAn F1 hybrid population is obtained by crossing two unrelated, true breeding varieties and they are uniform when grown from seed, but are genetically unstable like other hybrid varieties.

The main benefits of F1 hybrids are seen and known as hybrid vigor, where they exceed the performance of the parents, though if these are reproduced sexually through inbreeding within the F1 population and the next generation will not be uniform or similar to the previous generation.

Cannabis genetics varieties are not protected by plant breeder’s rights legislation, though there is one cannabis clone that is registered for plant protection in Holland known as ‘Medsins’ that is owned, licensed to grow and used by a pharmaceutical company for manufacturing.

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