Washing Machine Hash (what?)

Washing machine hashHow to become a Budtendertips to nail that dream profession for cannabis enthusiasts. Washing machine hash produces has the same way as the Ice-O-Lator or the Bubble Bags, but on a larger scale and automated process.

It is very useful to process leftover leaf after harvest, as you will have plenty of good washing machine hash in the end to enjoy. It is best to purchase proper bags that have been tested and checked for washing machine hash.

To make washing machine hash, you will first want to make sure the washing machine is well cleaned and residue-free, not containing any chemicals. If you can use a never been used machine, that would be best to keep harmful chemicals from mixing in.

You will then need to fill the washing machine with ice and ice-cold water to agitate the leaves and glands inside a large zipper silkscreen bags or other tested bags that you can find. The resin glands fall through the sieve and into the washing machine water.

washing machine hashThe washing machine hash water is then drained out of the washing machine and out the drain hose and separated from the water using a simple filtration process. Most growers will place two, one pound (450 gm), bags of cold leaves into zipped bags.

This is to help keep the washer balanced when spinning, as one bag will cause the washer to bounce around. The two (2) zipped bags are loaded into the washing machine turned on to agitate for about 10–12 minutes.

Then they drain out the washing machine hash water over a container that has a fine sieve to collect wet resin. They then pull out the bag and squeeze to remove the washing machine has water and set the washing machine hash out to dry.

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