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Term: Forbidden Flowers

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Forbidden Flowers (Wikipedia)

Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday is a book which explores women's sexual fantasies. It can be read as a feminist analysis of the development of women's fantasies against a background of sexual liberation, or simply as a series of candid, erotic fantasies. It is part of a series of three books beginning in 1968 with My Secret Garden, with this second book, its sequel, begun in 1973. It compares how the fantasies have changed over the five-year period, and notes women's reactions to the first book. A third book, Women on Top, was published in 1991.[citation needed]

In addition to this series, Friday has written a number of other books examining male and female sexuality. These are entitled My Mother/My Self, Men in Love, Jealousy, and The Power of Beauty.[citation needed]

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