Colorado Hospitality Certification



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Training Time: 2:34 Hours (Average)
Enrollment Access: 90-Day Access
Credential Issued: Badge Certificate
MED Authorized: #RV-00034

Colorado Marijuana Hospitality Certification

Accredited: Green CulturED has been authorized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) (Approval: #RV-00034) as their approved Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT) for professionals who are working in Colorado’s marijuana industry.

Responsible Vendor Training supplement required for Hospitality Businesses that allow social use of marijuana on licensed premises. Colorado’s brand-new wave of hospitality licenses has proven promising for the state’s residents and anyone who is interested in a career in the marijuana industry. In the past, out-of-state visitors and some apartment dwellers have had a very difficult time-consuming products.

To increase safe access, House Bill (HB) 19-230 is the marijuana law that allows for hospitality and social consumption in approved facilities such as dispensaries, hotels, and restaurants. HB 19-230 (also known as the “Marijuana Hospitality Bill”) is what made it possible for dispensaries to apply for a tasting room license. Other non-marijuana-centric facilities (ex. hotels, restaurants, music venues, etc.) may apply for social consumption licenses and there are limited ones that will be available for short-term events (ex. tradeshows, etc.) so there will be even more opportunities for gig-workers who want temp-jobs at music festivals, events, etc.

Keep in mind that local municipalities in the state of Colorado may always choose to 100% ban social consumption lounges within their legal jurisdiction. Also, social consumption locations must not hold a liquor license either, which could reduce the incentive for certain businesses in Colorado to apply for these state licenses. The objective of this training is to exceed the expectations of every customer and industry regulator on every occasion in every interaction from the moment they enter an establishment until they’ve left the licensed hospitality facility premise.

From any restaurants and social lounge to boutique hotels, this cannabis industry hospitality certification helps staff develop skills on lessons related to the front and back of the house, housekeeping, state-wide tourism, cannabis and beverage, kitchen safety, and more. As hospitality professionals, a huge part of your job will entail communicating with different types of customers so it’s important to keep your customer service skills polished so that you’re always ready to serve guests.


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