Wax, Oil, Herb and E-Liquid: Which Will You be Vaping?

Vaping is continuing to gain popularity among people all over the world, it has many advantages, and the main one is that it is much safer than smoking. Many products have come up to cater to the needs of vapers and there is a wide array of choices to choose from when it comes to what you will vape.

The selection is primarily between:

  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Dry Herb
  • E-Liquid

With this many to select from, most vapers, especially those who are new to the industry, will get easily confused. Read on to learn a bit about each one and what makes them different from one another.


E-liquids are the most common among vapers since they give a sense of individuality, as the individual has an extremely extensive choice when it comes to the flavors they want.

You can even make your e-juice (if you have the ingredients and knowledge) and with vapers, you can explore new flavors with each vape, and the e-liquid does not have to have nicotine.

The only concern when it comes to e-liquids is that their full impact on the body is not yet known and although it is far safer than smoking, there could still be some side effects.

Dry Herbs

People have been smoking different herbs for a long time, especially marijuana. However, vaping has given you a healthier alternative but when you smoke the herbs are turned into ash and some dangerous chemicals are released.

When you vape your herbs, the temperature will only go high enough to release the aroma of the herbs instead of burning them. Also, vaping gives you a discreet way of smoking your herbs and the vaporizers can be used almost anywhere.

Vaping allows you to have a better taste of your herbs, but the only problem with vaping herbs is that there might still be a scent produced (although it is reduced compared to smoking) that most people do not like.


Most people who use marijuana used to do it through rolled paper, edibles, empty cigars, and water pipes. However, there is a new way that is referred to as dabbing.

Dabbing is the use of concentrated wax that has been extracted from cannabis and it gives users a faster and stronger hit of marijuana. Dabbing was typically done by using a blowtorch to heat a bong then putting the concentrated wax on the surface and inhaling the vapor.

But thankfully, there are now wax and dab vape pens available to make it far simpler and more efficient. Dabbing gives vapers a fast way of getting the useful components of marijuana without the negative ones and is useful for those who experience pain due to chronic illnesses.

Some methods of dabbing don’t produce much odor, unlike smoking, making it a beneficial method for those who want their marijuana use to be discreet.


There are a few different oils that come from marijuana and when it comes to vaping, three oils are used.

These are:

  • Hemp oil comes from the seed of the plant.
  • CBD oil that is a combination of different oils from the plant but does not contain THC; it is readily available in different flavors since it does not contain THC.
  • Marijuana oil has high levels of THC and is mainly used to give pain relief to those suffering from chronic pain due to different medical conditions.

The advantage of using vaping oils is that if you are going for CBD oils, you will get them in different flavors and do not have to worry about THC levels since they do not contain THC. The vaporizers are practically odorless, and you can vape discreetly.

So, if you are getting marijuana oil, you can vape it without worrying about bothering those around you too much, as there is also little vapor produced. When it comes to vaping options, you will need to make the decision based on your vaping needs.

Each available option has its pros and cons, and the best one for you will be the one that you are most comfortable with. Beginners would be best to start on e-liquids and work their way through dry herbs, wax, and oil when they’re ready too.

It’s down to personal choice, so explore the market and find what suits you.

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