Cannabis Horticulture: Seeds & Germination

In the germination stage, after about three (3) to seven (7) days, cannabis plants sprout their roots and begin to establish their root system. Soon thereafter, they begin to grow stems and develop their first few leaves.

During the germination life cycle of marijuana seeds, moisture, heat, and air are the activators of the seed hormones (cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins).

The hormones of the seed reside within the durable outer coating of the seed and it is the hormone Cytokinin triggers cells to form and tells the gibberellins to grow in size. The embryo of the seed expands in size, utilizing the supply of food stored within the seed for growth.

Within days, the seed’s outer shell begins to split and once the seed’s coating splits, a small rootlet grows out of the shell and grows downward. Once the root has developed and taken hold, a sprout in the seed shell, leaves push up in search of light to grow.

Seedling Growth

A single tap root is produced from the germination of the seed. The single tap root grows downward and begins to branch out. While the roots grow below the surface, the stem branches upward, above the ground in search of the light for its growth.

Tiny rootlets in the root system draw in water and nutrients. The root system develops in size, helping to anchor the plant and create a foundation for its future growth. Seedlings need to receive about 16 – 18 hours of light for healthy, vigorous growth.

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