Sowing (direct seed) a seed into a soil growing medium is commonly used and in this method, we’re about to explain you will plant the seed about 0.25 – 0.50 inches into a soil container.

Make sure to have a container that is large enough for the seed to sprout and grow for its first several weeks, along with having a container that has good drainage. You will want to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

It is good to have soil that has a pH of about 7.0 for growing and this will help the seed grow faster than soils that are more acidic or alkaline. A good rule of thumb: if the surface of the soil is dry and you place your finger about an inch into the soil that is dry also then it is time to add more water.

Always be very delicate with germinated cannabis seeds and small seedlings. A common problem that is encountered when growing with Rockwool; it is harder for seeds to sprout through the growing medium.

If you intend on using Rockwool then you will want to place the cannabis seed in it after it germinates. There are a few companies that make Rockwool that have a hole cut out of the top where a Rapidrooter® plug can insert into.

This works well for germinating seeds in one (1) medium and then transplanting the plug into another. To increase the humidity in the area around the soil you can use several different methods.

One way is to cut a plastic bottle in half then drill or cut a small hole in the side and place it over the soil to cover where the cannabis seed is planted. This will help keep the soil moist and the air around it humid.

Plastic Dome Germination

Other ways include purchasing a plastic dome to place over the soil or placing a plastic baggie and even a piece of cellophane over the cannabis-seeded soil. You will then place the cannabis-seeded soil under a light source, which may be a T5, HID light, or the natural sun.

This will help to add dry heat to the soil while the cannabis seed is germinating, but another way to heat the soil is to place the seeded soil onto a heating pad or soil heating cables.

This will help assist the cannabis seed in germinating by keeping the soil nice and warm. The optimal growing medium conditions for cannabis seeds to germinate in the soil are between 78 – 80° F (25 – 27° C).

While the optimal air temperature to germinate cannabis seeds is 72 – 74°F (22 – 23° C). Though cannabis stems will continue to stretch between internodes if the temperatures exceed 85° F (29° C) for long.

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